Arc Flash Awareness

Who needs it?

Employees who work on or near energized electrical components that can present the risk for arc flash.

Course Length

4 hours.

Course Description

This program provides participants with an understanding of the hazards presented by arc flash events as well as the control methods for working responsibly near these energized electrical components. Training includes electrical industry safety standards, appropriate personal protective equipment and the limits of approach.

The course includes but is not limited to:

  • Arch flash statistics
  • Electrical Safety Standards and Regulations
  • Work parties’ responsibilities under the workplace electrical safety standards
  • Introduction to electricity 
  • The effects of electrocution and arcs on the human body
  • Hazards created during an arc flash and arch blast
  • Root causes of arc flashes
  • Factors that determine the severity of arch flashes
  • Assessing the risk of arch flashes
  •  Methods for controlling arch flash hazards
  •  Approach and protection boundaries
  •  Selecting the correct PPE and PPE requirements 
  •  Procedures for an arch flash event
  •  Establishing an electrical safety program

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