Asphalt Repair - Nova Scotia, St. John's, Fredericton

Safety First-SFC Ltd. provides a complete parking lot/driveway maintenance package covering a range of asphalt repairs, including asphalt sealing, hot crack filling and pothole Repair.

Asphalt Sealing

Asphalt sealing provides great curb appeal while prolonging the life of the asphalt because it will protect it from UV rays, weather and oil-based stains.

Asphalt Repair

Hot Crack Filling

Hot crack filling is the process of filling in larger cracks in asphalt cracks to keep water from getting in and causing more damage by washing away the base material. It also serves to prevent frost heaves which provides a smoother drive on the road or driveway.

Pothole Repair

For pothole repair we clean the area down to the base ensuring the material is compacted correctly. We there we use hot asphalt for a lasting result.

We can help clients all over Nova Scotia in places such as Cape Breton, Bridgewater, Halifax and Dartmouth. Outside of the Nova Scotia we also have offices in:

  • Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • St. John's Newfoundland

For more information about our complete parking lot/driveway maintenance package click here or contact our operations manager, Danny Thomas:
Cell: 902-456-3990

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