Crack Filling

Don't risk it, fix it. Cracks in your parking lot or driveway may seem small at first, but when water finds its way in the damage can be costly. Water has been known to wash away base material leaving your asphalt unsupported. The combination of water and freezing temperature can cause small cracks to expand and result frost heaving. 

We provide hot crack filling which seals the cracked concrete and asphalt in areas all over Nova Scotia from Bridgewater to Cape Breton. We also work from New Brunswick offices in Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton, while services can also be provided in Newfoundland from Gander and St. John's. 

Doing this will in turn:

  • Prevent water from eroding away your investment
  • Provide a smoother drive 

For more information about our property maintenace services such as cracking filling click here or contact our operations manager, Danny Thomas:
Cell: 902-456-3990

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