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Keeping things neat and tidy can go a long way. A clean lot tells your tennants and client you take pride in your property and care about its upkeep. For a tenant it's the first thing they see in the morning or the last thing they see when leavubg at night. At Safety First-SFC we recognize that keeping lots clean isn't just a nicety, but a necesity. 

When it comes to parking lots and driveways there is the possibility of having sand and debris build up from the winter obscuring concrete markings or damaged signs, posts and safety barriers. It's common that a messy lot that requires proper cleaning can lead to safety concerns. At Safety First-SFC we provide the following lot cleaning, sign instillation and speed bump services: 

  • Complete cleaning of lot/driveway of gravel, sand, garbage, leaves, etc. With the use of blowers/power sweepers and pressure washers.
  • We manufacture any custom or regulatory signs with reflective material for post mounts, walls or glass door graphics.
  • We are equipped to do sign installations for wall or in-ground posts.
  • Supply and install concrete curb stops.
  • Supply and install various types of speed bumps.
  • Supply and install of various safety barriers and posts.

Regardless of where you are Halifax, Dartmouth, Bridgewater or anywhere in Nova Scotia we can help. For more information about our maintance packages click here or contact our operations manager, Danny Thomas:

Cell: 902-456-3990

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